Commit ccacfa30 authored by Ghislain Loas's avatar Ghislain Loas

dev #85748 revert phase Pseudo record date maj initialization

parent 0ddd20f0
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......@@ -57,16 +57,7 @@ class Class_Cosmogramme_Integration_PhasePseudoRecordAlbum extends Class_Cosmogr
protected function _summarize() {
if (!$model = Class_CosmoVar::find('date_maj_albums'))
$model = Class_CosmoVar::newInstance()
->setCommentaire($this->_('Dernière date de mise à jour des albums.'))
Class_CosmoVar::setValueOf('date_maj_albums', $this->getCurrentDateTime());
......@@ -511,9 +511,6 @@ class PhasePseudoRecordAlbumValidInteractiveCallbackTest
/** @test */
public function dateMajAlbumsShouldBeUpdated() {
$date_maj = Class_CosmoVar::find('date_maj_albums');
$this->assertEquals('2019-01-09 12:11:38', $date_maj->getValeur());
$this->assertEquals(6, $date_maj->getGroupe());
$this->assertContains('Dernière date de mise à jour des albums.', $date_maj->getCommentaire());
$this->assertEquals('2019-01-09 12:11:38', Class_CosmoVar::get('date_maj_albums'));
\ No newline at end of file
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