Commit e873ac6f authored by Patrick Barroca's avatar Patrick Barroca 🐧

php7 compatibility

parent 11a098ad
......@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@ class Storm_Test_MockTest extends Storm_Test_ModelTestCase {
} catch (Storm_Test_ObjectWrapperException $e) {
$this->assertContains('Cannot find redirection for Storm_Test_Mock', $e->getMessage());
if (function_exists('xdebug_call_file') && function_exists('xdebug_call_line'))
$this->assertContains('Storm/Test/MockTest.php:44]', $e->getMessage());
$this->assertContains('Storm/Test/MockTest.php:44]', $e->getMessage(),
$this->fail('No exception thrown');
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