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added demo for persisting browser #42

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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
## 0.3.0
> *20xx-xx-xx* (not released)
> *2018-08-13*
> Make a crawl instance sharable among multiple scripts
* This exemple shows how to share a single instance of chrome for multiple scripts.
* The first time the script is started we use the browser factory in order to start chrome,
* afterwhat we save the uri to connect to this browser in the file system.
* Next calls to the script will read the uri from that file in order to connect to the chrome instance instead
* of creating a new one. If chrome was closed or crashed, a new instance is started again.
require(__DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php');
// path to the file to store websocket's uri
$socketFile = '/tmp/chrome-php-demo-socket';
// initialize $browser variable
$browser = null;
// try to connect to chrome instance if it exists
if (file_exists($socketFile)) {
$socket = file_get_contents($socketFile);
try {
$browser = \HeadlessChromium\BrowserFactory::connectToBrowser($socket, [
'debugLogger' => 'php://stdout'
} catch (\HeadlessChromium\Exception\BrowserConnectionFailed $e) {
// The browser was probably closed
// Keep $browser null and start it again bellow
// if $browser is null then create a new chrome instance
if (!$browser) {
$factory = new \HeadlessChromium\BrowserFactory();
$browser = $factory->createBrowser([
'headless' => false,
'keepAlive' => true
// save the uri to be able to connect again to browser
file_put_contents($socketFile, $browser->getSocketUri());
// do something with the browser
$page = $browser->createPage();
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